Cookies are Good for You!

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Cookies are Good for you! Why? Cookies let sites develop a relationship with you -- remember who you are from a previous visit. They CANNOT somehow guess your e-mail address, or find out information you have only given to another site.

What they do is let Web sites create a better experience for you by personalizing information for you. In addition, they may make it quicker for you to get into special areas without having to repeatedly type in special passwords.

In addition, sometimes cookies will be used to present you with new ads, rather than repeating ads that you've seen before but haven't clicked on. (This has two benefits: you're more likely to see ads that are of interest to you, and it also makes advertising more useful, which lets site creators invest more money and effort in developing a site.)

"Cookies? I don't think they're great -- I think they're FABULOUS!" - Adrian Scott

Here's what most commonly happens in cookie-using sites. You enter the site. The site assigns an "id" number to you. Then when you give the site information, such as your preferences (e.g. "frames" or "no-frames", or audio or no audio), the site stores that information tied to your id number. When it is creating a page related to that information, it can personalize it by looking up the preference information related to your id number.

Adding the "Enhanced with Cookies" Logo to your Site

If you have a site that currently uses cookies, or you are planning to add cookies to your site soon, you may add Aereal's "Enhanced with Cookies" logo to your site with the following HTML.

<a href="">
<img src=""></a>
You have permission to use the GIF on your site and copy it to your computer. We ask that you add the link to this page, but that is not required.

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